Who We Are

ACT Intl Consulting is your one stop solution to get your small or medium sized business to expand globally. Our team can assist you in the creation and implementation of a tailored strategic plan to get your business to tap into global markets and maximize the value creation potential of your business.

Our senior management team is based in Hong Kong, a global center for international business, and rely on a network of international consultants ideally placed to give our clients access to business across the globe.

We are currently recruiting consultants to expand our global network in Europe and the Middle East.

Our Story

ACT Intl Consulting was founded in 2015 to help small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) create and fulfill their strategic plans. We do that by facilitating strategic planning meetings with our global clients, providing expert advice to senior leaders across several industries and types of business, and by making strategic management frameworks easy to understand and easy to access across the organization.

Why ACT Intl Consulting Strategy?

  • We provide direction, clarity and alignment by using a process for strategy development.
  • We provide our clients with growth opportunities by leveraging a global network that specializes in international business.
  • We know how to get things done in a global evolving context that will help you get the results you want.

Our Services

Import and Export advisory

We provide consultancy and advisory services to importers and exporters on matters of government regulations, custom rules, rules of origin, import permission, WTO rules, and DGFT benefits. We are a one stop solution for all the matters related to global trade and cover all major markets, products and services. We understand the government regulation of various countries in the transaction and advise how the transaction can become most efficient and effective for the stake holders.

Supply chain optimization

Logistics planning involves building transport, inventory and location strategies around customer service goals, ensuring the total package achieves the best service and optimized costs. We routinely work with our clients in setting up Logistics network capacity; fleet and resource requirements; international Logistics and global Network and cost modelling using proprietary and industry standard tools for global distribution optimization.

International growth strategy

We provide a tailor-made, continuous and efficient approach, enabling companies to maximize their performance at every stage of their international development. We provide a holistic plan tailor to your needs that includes an international analysis of the company, a financial model and maximizing an export strategy by the identification, evaluation and selection of priority global markets.

Market entry plans

Our team works with your organization to set up regulatory import compliance, conduct local market research and competitor benchmark & analysis, including analyzing local distribution channels & pricing structure and identifying local growth opportunities. We plan a go-to-market strategy and operational Business Plans to make sure your organization captures local impact.

Our Clients

We specialize in helping SMEs develop an international growth strategy and deliver impact by optimizing their existing organization through expert industry skills and leveraging a network of global experts that assist us in specialized topics. Our clients include:

Our Team

Our management team is located in Hong Kong, one of the world’s biggest hubs for international business, and we work with local consultants that are spread across the globe. We have over 30 experts located in 15 countries that assist with delivering our client’s international strategy all the way from conception to on-the-ground market delivery.

Interested in knowing more? Please reach out to our team at hello@act-intl.com